Running Hooks Pictures in an independent Film & Television production company based out of Montreal. In 2006, it was founded by current president, Josh Kimmel. As the Montreal entertainment industry was extremely quiet in the preceding years, Josh Kimmel created the company to provide more work within the city. It started out as something small and personal, with the goal to produce short films. However, over the past three years, it has flourished into almost a dozen projects, including TV shows & upcoming feature films. There are currently several projects in various stages of development, and Running Hooks Pictures aims to continue working with the same cast & crew that has helped them get to where they are now.

JOSH KIMMEL – CEO / President

Josh created Running Hooks Pictures with the goal to create more work in the city. As an actor since 2000, he felt that with the limited work in Montreal, he needed to take his career into his own hands. Josh is considered a semi-professional poker player, and believes that the business of filmmaking needs to be handled similarly to a poker game. Taking calculated risks is what he believes will allow the company to surpass others and strive to the top. With several film projects under his belt, he has been fortunate enough to get a return on investment for each project to date, and as such, has attracted new investors for each upcoming project. His drive, determination and appreciation for the people that work with him, is what attracts so many great people to his projects.

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SONIA MARINELLI – VP of Production

Sonia has been involved with Running Hooks Pictures from its beginnings, and has been associated with all projects that have been produced by the company to date. Although her work background is in the fashion industry, it is her extensive business expertise as a production manager, as well as her love for film, that makes her an integral part of the company. With a marketing degree and 10 years experience in production, she is involved first hand in all production aspects of the company.

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Benz is currently working on the upcoming projects "Adversity" and "The Relationship Game". As an actor in the industry since the early 90's, Benz has read hundreds of scripts, and knows what it takes to bring something to fruition. Benz believes producers need to pay more attention to micro-managing a script. By doing that, it will allow every scene to have a clear conflict. We believe that his skills will allow each project to be the best that it can be.

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STEVE PAUL – Producer

Steve has now worked on the four preceding Running Hooks Pictures projects. He quickly jumped the ranks, and was the executive producer on the most recent film, “One Love”.  Steve was born in Montreal, but briefly moved to London, England to gain more knowledge on the independent film scene. While out in the UK, he worked with the notorious Raindance Film Festival, and gained a vast proficiency in independent film distribution. Steve’s hard work ethic will allow the company to flourish for the years to come.

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